XenForo Template Editor Disappeared

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May 9, 2021
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I own and operate seven websites that all run XenForo forum software. I have each admin area opened up in Google Chrome browsers. Well, actually, it's only one browser with many tabs open. At any given time, I have at least 20 tabs open on my PC. By the way, if you're like me and you're someone who loves keeping tabs open indefinitely inside Chrome, get yourself the Session Buddy extension. It'll save you like it's saved me many a time. Basically, it keeps what websites you had open in tabs saved in its memory so when you need to restart your computer, you can open them all back up within a click or two. Lovely.

Anyway, as I was updating some templates yesterday in XenForo, the template editor for one of my sites disappeared. The page was there, but the editor wasn't. I checked the source code of the page and it indeed showed the template contents on the page, but it appeared that the textarea display was missing. And the weird thing is, it was only for this one website. All of the other websites that were running identical software in the same browser had their template editors displaying just fine.


To see if Chrome was the issue, I opened up the admin area for the one problem website in Firefox to see if the same issue existed. Strangely enough, there was no problem in that browser. I went back to Chrome to do some fooling around. I closed the browser and opened it back up. Same problem. I logged out of the website and then logged back in. Same problem. I gave it a hard refresh with F5 and nothing changed. I disabled all of my Chrome extensions and addons. Nothing. I decided that I'd probably need to either clear my browser cache or restart my computer to solve the problem. I thought better of doing that right at that moment, so I'd have to suffer until that dreaded time came.

Weird thing happened this morning. After I logged into my computer, I went and checked on the offending website in question. Guess what. The template editor was back with no explanation. It just worked again.


By the way, after I explained this problem in the XenForo community, Brogan, one of the software developers, suggested that I perform a "hard refresh" in my Chrome browser. This command is Ctrl+F5 as opposed to the regular refresh, which is simply F5. What's the difference?

F5 alone reloads the page from server, but it uses the browser's cache for page elements like scripts, image, CSS stylesheets, etc... Both Ctrl+F5 though, reloads the page from the server and also reloads its contents from the server and doesn't use your browser's local cache at all. Basically, just F5 reloads, but Ctrl+F5 reloads everything, so when you're experiencing something strange going on with your browser, it's a good first step to perform a hard refresh to see if that clears things up.