Does XenForo Offer Post & Thread Statistics?

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May 7, 2021
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I use a few different installs of XenForo for a few different things. Primarily regular discussion forums as well as online classifieds sites. This software has been working out extraordinarily well for both purposes, but I’ve recently been asked by one member if there was some sort of statistics she could take a look at to see how often her posts have been viewed. This member is part of one of my classifieds websites and I agree that this feature is an important one for this type of site. Seeing how many visitors are seeing your ads is critical to your posting success.

So, after doing somewhat of a preliminary search in the XenForo community, I’ve discovered that there are currently quite a few add-ons that offer this feature, but it’s not available in the core software. Here are some links to the plugins:

These are just a few examples. I’m not sure they actually do what I’m looking for, but there they are. I’m also sure I can do a more extensive search.

I am keeping away from add-ons for now because, simply put, I don’t trust them. As you can see, one (as of right now) of those I linked to above is unmaintained. I can’t install an add-on, come to rely on it and promote it as a feature and then have it disappear. Also, I’ll never have the confidence that it’ll keep up with the core updates that the team at XenForo releases. Their instructions say that we need to upgrade add-ons as well when updating the core software, so I don’t want things to turn into a mess. Perhaps if an add-on was released by XenForo themselves, I’d be interested.

What I’m truly interested in though is this feature being included in the core software. I’d love it if there was a link that members could click that would allow them to see, statistically, how much action their threads and posts have been getting.

Has anyone heard of this feature? Does it exist and I’m just missing it? Please let me know. Thanks!


I think I may have answered my own question here. This is what I’m going to tell the member who was asking if there were any thread and post statistics she could view.

If you click on the Forum link up in the top navigation, you’ll see a few options (sub-links) directly below it. One of these options will be Find Threads. Click that link and you’ll see all your threads in a list, plus all the “View” statistics off to the right of each thread title. There’s also a Threads With Your Posts link that offers some view statistics, but they aren’t as interesting because you didn’t start those threads. But this may be helpful if you’re interested in learning about your post exposure.

So, there actually is a form of statistics in this forum software. I’m quite pleased with this.