What Makes a High-Quality Woman?

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May 10, 2021
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There appears to be a whole lot of men out there on the internet who know nothing about women. I am a woman. I know this because I read a lot about these men, visit forums where these men congregate, and discuss these issues with men in person. The topic of dating, marriage, and understanding the opposite sex is both entertaining and demoralizing at the same time. It's entertaining because I find that some men understand women very well. It's demoralizing because so many don't. And if a man doesn't understand a woman and whether or not she's of a high quality, he may not understand what he needs to do to attract that woman (if she's high quality). Meaning, he may need to up his game and become more high quality himself. We all know that very few men want low quality women, but by the same token, very few women want low quality men. Perhaps it's best to say that no one wants low quality anyone. We all desire the best we can find. Or, what's available.

So, what makes a high quality woman? When I first asked myself this question, I wasn't exactly sure. I feel as though I'm rather high quality myself, but am I correct about that? Am I high quality or do I just think I am? Since I wasn't sure, I did a bunch of reading. I found a few different articles that covered the topic and pulled out some select ideas that I agreed with. I'll share what I found down below and I'll embellish on the general ideas. If you've got anything to add, I ask that you add it down below. I would love nothing more than to have some back and forth regarding this issue. Down below, I'll be writing for men, from a woman's perspective. And what I share doesn't only focus on what a woman needs to emulate, be like, or imitate to add quality to her own life, but to be quality in the eyes of a man. And for those women who are reading, take stock in what I write. I think you'll find some good pointers down below.

What Makes a High Quality Woman? (as it relates to her interactions with not only herself, but men as well)

1. She encourages. A high quality woman will seek the best in everyone. She sees potential and encourages others to live up to is. She's selfless in this regard. She wants to see you not only pursue your goals, but to achieve them as well. She's confident. She doesn't nitpick. She trusts you to be the best you can be and she's not threatened in any way by your potential or realized success. She'll be in your corner the entire time, but she won't get too involved. In other words, she'll cheer you on, but won't get in the way. It's about you fulfilling your own goals, not hers.

2. She's secure. She doesn't need to play games to get attention from her boyfriend or husband. She's so secure, in fact, that it's her husband who seeks her out to spend time together. She knows her own self worth. She's not jealous and doesn't attempt to make her husband or boyfriend jealous in a vain attempt at garnering attention. She doesn't need attention. She gets it from simply being who she is. She knows what she's worth to those she's in relationships with and those people know her value. There are no tricks involved. There's nothing sleight of hand to capture the desires of anyone in her orbit.

3. She respects herself and expects you to respect her too. But she doesn't want your respect simply because of who she is or because you're a man and she's a woman. Again, she knows her value and knows you love her. She knows you want to respect her because if you didn't, she would have made a mistake being with you. And she makes very few mistakes, due to her thoughtfulness. A high quality woman would never stoop to the level of forming a relationship with a man who is disrespectful to others.

4. She's independent. She's also confident and has her own life. She doesn't cling to the man she's involved with. She doesn't whine and attempt to make her spouse feel guilty for not spending time with her. She can live with him or without him. That's up to him and how he behaves. She's got her own friends. She's got her own job or career. And she likes to participate in activities she enjoys, either with or without the man she's in a relationship with.

5. You're extraordinarily proud of her. You enjoy bringing your high quality lady with you to events where she may complement the atmosphere. You never hesitate to introduce her to friends, family, and colleagues. She handles herself with maturity and grace. She's intelligent and polite. She diverse enough to handle a wide range of settings. And she always makes a good impression.

6. She's self-aware and cares for herself. Very few people have ever confronted her to point out something negative. She's aware enough to realize these things herself. While not perfect (who is?), she's introspective. She knows what to look for as it pertains to education, attitude, intelligence, grace, charm, fitness, and self-motivation. She's always moving forward. She's always trying to improve herself, not in big, grandiose ways, but with smaller, more incremental steps.

7. She's got good eye contact. You can always tell the quality of a woman by watching as she's put in a position of discomfort. How does she handle herself? Does she rise to the occasion? When confronting an unfamiliar group, does she shake hands and look the unfamiliar straight in the eye? Does she have confidence? A high quality woman possesses all of these attributes. A lower quality woman will cling to the familiar and rely on others for her own comfort.

8. She's got dignity. This is a big one. She's smart enough to know that sharing personal beliefs on the internet and social media is never a good idea. Any prospective partner or employer should be able to scour her online writings and have the utmost confidence in forming a relationship with her. This isn't only important for your own sake, but for the sake of who she becomes involved with through you.

9. She's got a healthy perspective in the bedroom. A high quality woman knows what she wants and has no problem discussing these things. She's also interested in pleasing you, so she'll discuss that too. She doesn't shy away from new ideas. She's either for them or not. She can easily articulate her feelings in these areas. She expresses herself and tries to satisfy the both of you. She's mature about the entire idea of sexuality and recognizes that it's an important part of life for many people.

10. She knows how to think. She doesn't rely on easy outs, such as, "I don't know." She analyzes topics and offers well thought out responses. She's got opinions and they're based on rational facts, emotions, gut instinct, or a combination of all three. When they're based on emotion, she'll recognize this and say so. She's calm when she debates. She listens to the other side and attempts to understand its points of view. She rarely raises her voice.

11. She'll never put down the opposite sex. She's too smart and graceful for that and she realizes that generalizations are rarely accurate. And if one happens to be, she's polite enough to know that any implication can have a lasting and detrimental effect. She wouldn't want to be placed into a category with others in a derogatory manner, so she doesn't do that to men. She never jokes about "men" to family, friends, or colleagues. She never puts men down. She realizes their value and appreciates the differences between them and women.

12. She's after her own goals. A high quality woman would never alter her life's trajectory to coincide with a man's. It's understandable that those who are in a relationship move as one after a while, but in the beginning, sacrificing her own goals for those of a man oftentimes leads to regret and resentment. She knows this.

13, She's not afraid to be single. She doesn't need men. She's happy in her own skin. And because of this, you're lucky to be with her. The reason she's with you is because she's attracted to you and she wants to be there. She's chosen to be. The two of you play well off of one another and are even higher quality together.

You know, now that I've written all this, I'm realizing that everything I shared above can be applied to men as well. I was actually going to write a distinct post on what makes a high quality man, but I honestly don't think I need to anymore.

Again, I know I missed some things here. If you have anything to add, please do below.