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May 5, 2021
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Please read this thread thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the rules we've laid out for this community. It's up to you to follow them closely to keep your account in good standing. Beyond the rules listed on this page, you're also responsible for adhering to the Term & Conditions you agreed to while registering as well as familiarizing yourself with our Privacy Policy. It's also worth noting that some individual forums may have their own set of rules attached to them (to be added to this set), so be sure to read through those threads as well. And finally, when it comes to choosing how to act on this website, please don't only follow these rules word for word or literally, but choose to behave in a way that appreciates the spirit of what we're attempting to convey.

While browsing and contributing to our website, you may notice that other users have chosen to violate the rules laid out on this page. In cases like these, you have two choices; you can either completely ignore the occurrence or you can report it to us. At no time should you use that violation as an excuse to violate these rules yourself.

On these forums, we may employ volunteer moderators. We've given these members extra site privileges to assist us in keeping the forums a fun and enjoyable place to be. Our intent with employing the moderators is in no way punitive; it's actually quite the contrary. We use moderators to assist members with various functions of the site. They help in keeping things organized as well and keeping members who misbehave out of the way of those who behave. We would like these forums to operate as smoothly as possible, so if you see a moderator browsing around or contributing themselves, feel free to say hello. They're here to help.

Instant Banning

If you receive a warning from one of our administrators or moderators, it's in your best interest to take what they have to say seriously. The offenses listed below may result in suspensions or permanent account locks/removals.

- Don't insult other members personally. Sometimes conversations get heated. We know this. At no time shall one member personally insult another member, no matter how heated and intense the conversation gets. If you don't like someone's idea, then go after that idea exclusively, not the person who shared it. Also, please be aware that we are familiar with psychological tricks intended to harm people's mental state. We won't stand for that.

- Don't harass members, moderators, or administrators. Please don't follow people around with the intent of making them feel bad, change their behavior, or to harass them in other ways. If you have an issue with someone or something, simply bring it to our attention. We'll deal with it.

- Don't threaten anyone. If you threaten someone, you will be banned permanently.

- Don't violate the terms and conditions of our website. You already agreed to these and if we find that you have violate them, we'll choose to either temporarily ban your account or permanently ban it, depending on the severity of the infraction.

- Don't register multiple accounts in an attempt to get around a ban. You may only register one account. If we find that you're attempting to circumvent a ban or time out, we'll ban all of your accounts permanently. If you would like an account ban lifted, please contact us to explain your situation.

- Do not perpetrate hoaxes. Don't mislead people in an attempt to harm them. Don't tell people things you know not to be true.

- Don't troll our members. By this point, we all know what trolling is, so don't do it. If there's a vague trolling situation that's brought to our attention, we'll investigate the offending user in their entirety and make a decision from there.

- Don't engage in hate speech. Any type of speech that's frowned upon by general society is also frowned upon here. We know that many things people say isn't always considered hate speech in everyone's eyes, so we'll make determinations ourselves when needed. But in general, be polite to others.

Advertising/Solicitation/Promoting Oneself

We invite you to join these forums as a contributing member. We don't want you to join to advertise your wares. Please don't join for the sole purpose of dropping links to your websites and blogs, sending other members unsolicited offers, or to call blatant attention to something else that you're promoting. We completely recognize that the world runs on products and services, so if the conversation brings you to the point of legitimately recommending something that may earnestly help someone, then feel free to share. The difference between self promotion and helping another member is obvious, so beware. Please keep all of your posts void of ads and links that we may deem to be way too commercial.

General Rules

- Don't Overtly Advertise: Please don't create posts with the sole intention of advertising your products or services.

- Don't Shill: Please respect other's products and services if legitimately offered. Don't join in on a conversation to solely criticize others or to promote your own product without first acknowledging your relationship with that product or service.

- Don't Solicit. Please don't solicit other members. Solicitation includes donations, participation in surveys, product testing and the like.

- Don't Self Promote in the Forums: Please restrict and self promotion to your forum signature or personal account details. If members and guests would like to learn about you, they can click through to your member pages.

There are always exceptions to the rules and we are flexible people. If you're a trusted and established member of this website and you offer services to another member that may help them, we'll understand. We'll take all instances of rule violations on a case-by-case basis and it really depends on the intent and history of the members involved. If you have any questions, please ask.

Things We Frown Upon

Take caution when engaging in activities we list below. They may result in temporary account suspensions, moderator editing, or outright permanent account bans.

- Stay Polite. No matter how heated a debate or conversation becomes, always remain polite to other members. For tips on how to be polite, please see this.

- Keep Posts Deep and Rich: Only create substantive commentary. Don't create a new thread that's very short with no real content in it and don't reply to other posts with only a smiley face or a one word response, such as LOL, Cool, or Word! If your posts don't substantially add to the discourse, we reserve the right to remove it without notice.

- Don't Frivolously Attempt to Boost Your Post Count: Some of our reward systems rely on post count. When making a post, again, keep it substantive and legitimate. Avoid posting frivolously with short content that means nothing in an attempt to make it appear that you've got more posts than you should.

- Don't Duplicate: Please don't copy and paste content from other websites here. If you'd like to insert a link to other content on the web, then feel free, but don't lift the entire article to share with our members on this platform.

- Don't Promote Affiliate Links or Pyramid Schemes: We don't like them. If you have a legitimate business you're suggesting, then fine, but avoid things such as "Work From Home!" types of content.

- Don't Create Off-Topic Posts: Please post only to the forum which your topic is related. Also, don't reply to posts with something that's not related.

- Don't Be Rude: If a member asks a question, try to be helpful by either answering the question directly or by leading them to it. Don't be condescending or act in a way that belittles or insults, even if it's a common question that you feel everyone already knows the answer to.

- Don't Post Proprietary Information: For instance, if you have the license key to a piece of software, please don't post that to share with others. Don't post anything that's illegal or that attempts to skirt the rules of another website.

- Keep Your Account to Yourself: We offer free accounts here, so keep each account registered to only one person. If you have a friend or family member who would like to take advantage of our wonderful website, suggest that they register for their own account.

- Don't Curse: Keep your writing clean. Profanity is rude and inappropriate in most situations. We'll remove any we see.

- Don't Be a Pest: If you repeatedly attempt to skirt the rules of this website, we may deem you too much trouble to deal with and may ban your account. We have things to do and dealing with a petulant member isn't one of them.

Smaller Issues

- Please don't use posts as a substitute for instant messenger. Posts are meant to be relevant to all who read them, so they should be well thought out.

- Resist the temptation to post the same thread in multiple forums. Please only post your thread once, in the most relevant forum.

- The same is true when it comes to posts. Only post in the most suitable place.

- Signatures are meant to describe you. Don't be overbearing or gaudy with the intent of attracting attention. Also, signatures must abide by all other rules listed here.

- Keep your avatar friendly for all. Don't be perverse or disgusting with the graphic you choose to upload.

- Please don't "bump" your posts with the intent of bringing your thread to the top of the list.

- If you find that someone has made a grammatical or spelling error when writing their post and you feel that the mistake is having an effect on how others comprehend that post, then feel free to bring the error to the original poster's attention. Otherwise, leave it alone, especially if English is spoken by someone as a second language.

- Please post in English.

- Please use your brain when posting to this site. If your grandmother wouldn't approve, we probably wouldn't either.