What's the Best Camera Stabilizer?

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May 7, 2021
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Question: This entire scene has gotten crazy. Back in 2001 when I first began searching for camera stabilizers, I think there was one “Steadicam” on the market and it cost around $800. Although I wanted it badly, I wasn’t about to pay that much for it and I basically forgot all about my horribly shot videos. I mean, talk about choppy. I enjoy walking places while taking video and what I’m able to get is atrocious. The video clips are jarring, they’re bouncy and just terrible. I’ve shared a few on Youtube and people have been gracious enough not to remark on the quality, but still.

Anyway, since the price of these stabilizers has come down dramatically, I’m back in the market for one. I see that you can purchase a stabilizer of very decent quality for under $100. I like that idea, so my question is, which is the best one to buy? I’m going to be using a DSLR camera, so it will need to hold that weight. I’ll probably use my 24mm prime lens, so that’s not a huge weight consideration. Anybody have any advice?

Answer: I’ve had the Neewer Carbon Fiber Stabilizer in my Amazon cart for a while now. Since you reminded me, I might just buy it. It’s got great reviews and from what I’ve seen on Youtube, it’s perfect for DSLR cameras. I think it’ll give you some smooth video.

This stabilizer can hold 6.6 pounds, which is a huge step up from one I was looking at just a few months ago that could only carry 2.2 pounds. I think that was the Roxant Pro. No, wait, that one can only carry 2.1 pounds. Sorry. They advertise that it is good for use with DSLR cameras, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t bother with that one. You’ll need the lightest lens possible, so if you only own a zoom lens, you’re going to be cutting it close.

Check out this video on how to balance the Neewer stabilizer. The simplicity of the setup and the weight carrying ability pretty much sold me.

Depending on your budget, I’ve seen some good reviews for the Yelangu S60T ($60) and the Glidecam HD-2000 ($500). You can take a look at a review video for both of these brands and models here.

Since the Neewer stabilizer only costs $79.99 right now, I’m going to go with that. It’s easy to use and can hold my camera weight. Let me know what you decide. I’ll also write a post here after I use the stabilizer a bit.