50 Travel Photography Tips – Good or Bad?

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May 11, 2021
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I was watching a photography video on Youtube a few days ago and I came across one that offered 50 alleged photography tips. I’m not using the word “alleged” in a negative sense here. It’s just that I haven’t tried all these tips and I don’t know if each and every single one of them is actually good or not. Since I’ve been involved with photography for years, I can tell you that I’ve tried most of these at one time or another, but definitely not all of them. This is why I’m putting this post out there – to get your opinion on what’s in it. Are these travel photography tips good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Which ones have you tried? Did you have success?

Basically, I’d like to parse this list out to see what’s worthwhile and what’s not. Fifty is a pretty big number when it comes to any kind of tip list, so there are bound to be lame ones included.

What I’ll do is place the tips in a list down below. I’ll add some of my own commentary when appropriate as well. Let me know what you think.

1. Always shoot in RAW mode.
2. Use the rule of thirds when composing your images.
3. Purchase and keep multiple batteries charged.
4. Change your perspective and look for different angles for photos.
5. Pack only the necessities to keep the weight down.
6. Purchase photographer’s insurance.
7. Connect with locals to learn about the area.
8. Ask people if you can take their photos.
9. Always have your camera on you.
10. Shoot in the moment to keep your shots realistic.
11. Get in your own photos.
12. Take photos of the locals.
13. Take your photos at sunrise and sunset.
14. For Instagram, shoot 4×5 aspect ratio.
15. Challenge your perspective and take photos from different places and angles.
16. Tell a story with your images.
17. Learn and use color theory.
18. You don’t need expensive gear, but you do need to learn about what you own.
19. Have and use patience when photographing.
20. Purchase and use ND filters for long exposure photography.
21. Use everything around you to enhance your scene.
22. Wake up early and stay out late to see your scenes at different times.
23. Use aperture priority for street photography.
24. Think about the scale of your subjects.
25. Use prime lenses. They’re better than zoom lenses in many circumstances.
26. Use burst mode for multiple action shots.
27. Always carry a small, light tripod.
28. Have patience in crowded areas.
29. Use a polarizing filter.
30. Don’t shy away from rain and clouds.
31. Keep your camera and lenses clean.
32. Wear appropriate clothing just in case you find yourself in your own photos.
33. Vary your focus points.
34. Look at the world differently to take interesting photographs.
35. Don’t overthink your shots. Keep them simple.
36. Back up your images while traveling.
37. Use light and shadows creatively.
38. Organize your photos carefully on your hard drives.
39. Edit your photos in post-processing.
40. Share your photos online.
41. Check and keep your camera sensor clean.
42. Find and use the perfect photography bag for you.
43. Get used to breaking your gear. It happens.
44. Research your intended locations to see what others have photographed there.
45. Engage in night photography.
46. Clear your data cards daily to keep them ready for their next use.
47. Be sure to have enough hard drive space and keep backup drives.
48. Don’t bring all your gear while you travel. Only bring what’s necessary.
49. Learn your camera settings thoroughly.
50. Put down the camera and enjoy your vacation from time to time.

Please feel free to add your own tips below or to comment on the ones I added above. Thanks!