Adding Video Groups, Clips, & Comments in Photoshop

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May 10, 2021
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When editing video inside of Adobe Photoshop, there are a few tasks that you’ll find yourself repeating over and over again. None of these tasks are mind blowing or anything like that, but they are important to learn at the beginning of your training because you’ll find yourself needed them quite frequently. Basically, they allow you to set up and edit your video as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible.

In today’s post, I’m going to very quickly cover a common workflow. It goes like this; someone opens a video clip into Photoshop. Then, because they want additional video clips in the same project, they’ll add those clips. Also, because this person wants to stay organized, they’ll record some comments that identify what they added to the project. Working with video is similar to working with photographs. We need to understand how the process goes when it comes to adding to a project and keeping things clearly situated. Oftentimes, we organize via naming conventions, but in this case, we can use comments because they’re so easily accessible.

The Current Workspace​

To kick things off, I opened one of the two demo video clips into Photoshop. I chose some random clips just for demonstration’s sake. The first one is of a bunny chewing on some leaves and the second one is of some sort of a temple in the woods. Here’s a screenshot of the bunny.


Right after I opened this clip, the Timeline panel automatically opened up and the clip was visible inside of a group in the timeline.


If this was a simple, one clip editing job, I could continue on working by adding some transitions, audio or effects. Since I have more video, I’ll need to add that to this project file.

Adding Additional Video Groups​

By adding an additional video group, I’ll be essentially adding sort of a bucket for more video clips. Adding groups is a good idea because you never quite know how many clips you’ll be including in the project. Groups are a great way to keep clips organized. I could have added the additional clip to the same group that already existed, but because I’m thinking about the future, I decided to go with expansion in mind. I’ll add the group and then put the additional video inside of it.

To add a video group, I’ll head down into the Timeline panel and click the small filmstrip icon that’s inside of the existing one. When I do that, a menu will appear. I’ll select New Video Group from that menu.


Once I do that, a new group will appear above the current one. But, as you’ll notice, it’s empty.


Adding a Video Clip​

The next step I need to take to add the new video clip is to click the Add Media to Track icon that sits all the way over to the right of the timeline. Since there are more than one of these icons, I’ll need to be sure to click on the one that corresponds with the group to which I’d like to add the clip.


After I click the icon, a window will appear, giving me the ability to browse my computer for the media I’m after. When I find it, I can double click it and it will be inserted into the Timeline. Take a look.


Adding a Comment to the Video Timeline​

I already wrote a post that covered how to add comments to the timeline, but since this was related to what I’m discussing today, I figured I’d add the content again. You can read my previous post here if you’d like to.

My video clips won’t likely be all lined up in a row. In any given project, bits and sections of video will be scattered all over the place. Keeping track of them via comments is important.

To add a comment to the timeline in Photoshop, move the playhead to the spot where you’d like the comment to live. Then, click the small stopwatch icon that’s inside of the Comment track.


Once that occurs, the Edit Timeline Comment panel will appear. Write the comment inside of that and then click OK to apply it.


After that’s done, the new comment will be indicated by a small yellow box.


To read the comment, or any comment for that matter, in the future, simply double click on its yellow box. To delete the comment, click it once to select it and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.


I hope I clearly explained how to add a video group, a video clip and video comments to the Timeline panel in Adobe Photoshop. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this post, please leave them for me in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!