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May 5, 2021
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Robert Laporte and I are very good friends. He and I have known each other since we were in diapers. We were in the Cub Scouts together (among other activities). His father was our Pack leader. We went to school together and were even roommates for about a year after college. Needless to say, I would do anything for Rob and I have a feeling that sentiment is mutual. He’s one of the people I wrote about on my About and Services pages (in regards to those people who I’m willing to design websites for). We’re close and he needed help. And since he’s a busy electrician in the Brewster/Pawling/Carmel (Putnam/Westchester) area of New York, he simply didn’t have time to sit behind a computer to develop a site himself. Since I’m fairly well versed in the field, I talked him into letting me make one for him.

There’s actually a story behind his website. He first had one developed by a small company that was located in California. After a few weeks though, he became uneasy about the arrangement. He asked for my help making some updates and after he and discussed the situation, we both felt better about having someone he trusted pull the strings of his online presence. That would be me. The thing is, since his first website was already online and visible to whoever wanted to look at it, I had to work behind the scenes. I decided that the best way to go about developing Rob an alternative would be to register an entirely new domain name (an abbreviation of his original name) and built the site around that. Then, when the development effort was completed, I would simply forward the old domain to the new one and that would be that. This is his original domain name:

And this is the new one:

Funny thing happened when I was ready to forward the original domain to the new one though. Apparently, GoDaddy doesn’t offer secure (SSL) domain redirection (so anyone who clicked the link get an “Insecure” error message in Google Chrome), so I was forced to set up an entirely new hosting account in cPanel, just to create a redirect. When I was finished with that, I wondered to myself why I hadn’t simply set up an alias under the site’s hosting account. I’ll likely correct this oversight soon. It’s not a big deal.

Anyway, I think the website I made for Rob is pretty awesome. I went with WordPress and used a StudioPress theme. I set up a regular website (homepage, about, services, etc…) and a blog area as well. WordPress installs standard in blog format, but I switched things up so a regular homepage showed as the first page as opposed to the blog post list. That’s much more professional looking and sometimes in the beginning of a site’s existence, the blog portion of a website can be an afterthought. Especially for professionals who are too busy working to be writing posts. Rob and I will work on that together though, so I’m confident he’ll be showing off lots of his work.


You may have heard of a few different types of WordPress accounts. There are those at, where you sign in as a user to take advantage of their hosted option and then there are those at, where you actually download the WordPress software to host on your own server. I much prefer the latter because it offers tons of flexibility. And since I host other websites on a dedicated server, the option was lower cost than the alternative for Rob.

Keep an eye on Rob’s new site. We’ll be adding to it in the future and also, if you need electrician services in the Putnam/Dutchess/Westchester county areas of New York, click through to Rob’s website to contact him. I am confident you’ll be thrilled with what he can do for you. He’s super personable and very professional.