Has Anyone Else Used Sharesight?

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May 11, 2021
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I've been actively investing since 2008 and since that time, I've taken advantage of a lot of online financial tools. Some great and some not so great. One tool I recently discovered and signed up for is called Sharesight. The reason I registered as a member for this website is because of their ability to track the performance of my portfolio thoroughly. Basically, what I mean by thoroughly is that they take into account dividends received as well as capital gains or losses (share price increase or decrease). When I look at my holdings in my TD Ameritrade account, I can't accurately see how any particular holding has done historically because they don't include any dividends I've received through the years. This became overtly apparent a year or two ago. I've owned about $50,000 of Annaly Capital Management stock for a good five years when it took a dive a few dollars per share. So, for instance, the price dropped from $12 per share to $10 per share. My TD Ameritrade account reported that I was down around $7000. The thing is, I had been receiving dividends of around $1500 per quarter since I bought the stock. By the way, the dividend is over 10% for NLY. Anyway, I had been receiving around $6000 per year in dividends just for that one stock and according to TD Ameritrade, I had taken a loss when I sold it in the red. I really didn't take a loss because of all those dividends.

So basically, that's why I joined Sharesight. They track dividends and offer a much more accurate picture of how my stocks and ETFs are performing, not just what the current share price is. I've enjoyed using their service and I appreciate all of their features. They even tell me when a dividend is ready to be paid, which is very cool.

Here are a few of the reports that Sharesight offers: Taxable Income Report, Future Income Report, Historical Cost Report, Sold Securities Report, Performance Report, Contribution Analysis Report, Diversity Report, and All Trades Report. I haven't even explored any of these reports yet, but I may someday. I mostly just look at the Overview page where my holdings are listed. At the close of each trading day, this page gets updated with the most recent prices, so I can see if my stocks and ETFs went up or down. The best part of all this is that their service is free for 10 or fewer holdings. So I haven't had to pay anything yet to use their service.

Has anyone else used Sharesight? If so, what features do you use the most? I've love to hear about your experiences. I'd also love to learn about what you find most valuable about them as I may become a paying member in the future.