Low Tire Pressure - 2008 BMW X5 3.0si

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May 7, 2021
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When I got in the car this afternoon after playing tennis, I was surprised to read this coming from the car computer:

“Low tire pressure. Stop carefully. For Run Flat tires with “RSC” symbol, you can continue driving with max. 50mph (80km/h).”

Also, there were a few warnings near the gauges…


This caught me a little off guard, because I didn’t think anything was wrong with the tires. They looked fine. I drove a little bit and started to get concerned. After a mile or two, I pulled over and got out to check the tire again. Apparently, the computer was telling me the front, driver’s side was low. I looked at it and gave it a kick. It was fine. I chalked the reading up to the cold weather causing the lower pressure. I guess the computer is quite sensitive.

I drove for a few more miles and made a right into the first gas station I came across. I saw the big “Air” sign, so I pulled over close to the air machine. I hopped out and did my thing…unwound the air hose, pulled off all the air caps and put my 75 cents into the machine (did that go up?). I started to put air into the first tire, when I realized the gauge on the air filler upper thing was broken. Okay, I guess I wasn’t going to be able to check the pressure in the tires. I wound the hose back up, got back in the car and drove way, cursing the gas station. What’s the sense of filling the tires without checking the pressure in them?

For the remainder of the ride, I kept thinking that I should go to the store to get myself one of those small air compressors. I would also need to get an air gauge, because after looking everywhere in the car, I couldn’t find mine.

When I got back to the house, I found my air gauge and checked the tires. The air that I was able to put in the low tire had filled it up just enough and the others were fine. I decided against buying an air compressor because I am trying to be cheap again and I really don’t think I need more stuff. As long as I have my tire gauge, the gas station (working) air machine will be fine.

At this point, in front of me was the task of resetting the tire pressure warning system. I knew it was in the owner’s manual, but I looked online anyway. When I couldn’t find it there, I looked in the owner’s manual. I reset the system and it now works fine.

Since I couldn’t find out how to reset the tire pressure warning system online, I decided to place a snippet of the owner’s manual here for you, just in case you were looking.


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Aarif: Thank you! Worked perfectly!!

Randy Le: Is it too far along for this post? If not, how can it be reset if I can’t access idrive?

KristinaW: Hi Randy - You may have to give the dealer a call regarding this issue.

KristinaW: I have also learned that this warning can come on if one or two tires are slipping and not rotating the same amount of revolutions as the other tires. This will falsely tell the computer that one tire is flat. A simple reset will correct that.

Also, I forgot to mention that the tire pressure for the 2008 BMW X5 3.0si that I am driving is 32 pounds. There are some variations in the user’s manual that need to be considered before filling the tires.

Remember, when checking the air pressure in these tires, it must be done when the tires are cold (sitting for at least 2 hours).

Kenn F.: Thanks for the post. I had this same issue with my ’08 535xi on Friday, front left tire low. I found another web post regarding an M5, also the front left tire. Probably just coincidence, but interesting that the same tire is implicated in all these cases.

I responded the same way – looked at and kicked the tire, it looked ok. Drove home and dealt with it the next day. It was brutally cold in the NYC area, about 12F so I chalked it up to the cold temps.

Indeed, when I checked the tire pressure the next morning in the garage, it read only 26 psi vs 32 psi specification. The other tires were also low, but not to the same degree as the front left.

I will never doubt the system again.

Recommended tire inflations are posted on a sticker inside the driver’s door. This sticker is specific to your specific vehicle and tire combination. This is a better bet than referring to the generic owner’s manual listing.

On the 535 (w/ 225/50 R 17s) the front and rear pressures are 32 psi and 36psi respectively. There are different specs for driving speeds greater than 100 mph. So always check the sticker.

Click and Clack, The Car Guys, state that it important to check the pressure when cold, and cold is whatever temperature it happens to be. So it is important to check your tire pressure throughout the year as the seasons change as tire pressure changes about 1psi for every 10F change in temperature. Never thought much about it before, but this experience taught me a lot more about tire pressure than I really wanted to know.

Again, thanks for posting all the info.

Rodney: I have a 2004 BMW 4.8 x5is sears installed tires today and now the air pressure light is on. i taken it back to them after a few blocks of driving i brought it back and now they don’t know how to reset, can you help me?

Rebecca: Thanks again for the post. You are my hero! I couldn’t follow the manual since my car didn’t have the features they had for instructions. Thank you so much for this. you have helped me TREMENDOUSLY with figuring out how to reset my 328I. Thanks again!

Paulose Arikupurathu: My 2006 BMW X5 showing flat tire warning even after inflating the tire to the correct pressure. Pl let mr know how to reset it.
Thanks. Paul

Al: You are really my hero…….thanks for this wonderful post. Mine low tire pressure light is in even after standing in the cold for 10 mins putting air in the tire. I thought my doing this, the light will go off. After reading this post, I realize I have to reset the tires. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for this wonderful post. You ROCK !!!

Tom: that is amazing. I did not know that bmw’s dashboard computer was that complex. I freaked out when I saw that sign on my car. it is not really upfront what it means until you read the handbook. Someone just failed when they designed that sign.

Farage Esber: Let me tell you, that you have thought of everything and included on the webpage ref tyre and symbol and how to fix it. As Im reading I was wondering that I have to get the manual book to find out of air the tyres should have, funny enough you ialso included that; (I have x5 08). So you have been a great help and at least I know the meaning of the symbol that is brightining my dashboard. Again you have been thoughtful. Thanks
Farage – Sydney Australia

Talib: what is the best filling pressure for tire x5 2007, please in psi unit?